Case one

CBCT of sagittal & axial views of left mandibular 8 to a evaluate relationship of inferior alveolar canal with roots of the impacted tooth.

Case Two

Right craniofacial fibrous dysplasia of maxillary, zygomatic & sphenoid bone.

Case Three

KOT of left mandibular body, with slight expansion & thinning of lingual and buccal cortices.

Case Four

Destruction of maxillary bone & floor of maxillary sinus. Perforation of buccal and lingual cortices  due to malignant condition.

Case Five

osteomyelitis of left maxilla.

Case Six

osteoma of right mandible with thinning of buccal cortex & pressure effect on mandibular canal.

Case Seven

large periapical cyst of anterior maxilla , expansion & thinning of buccal and palatal cortices is seen.